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PPC Analysis

One of Infinity's key features is our PPC Analysis tab, this feature is one that makes us stand out from the crowd. This article advises on how to activate the import of Network data from AdWords & Bing, and how to utilise the PPC Analysis reporting.

Importing Network Data

To activate PPC Analysis, you will need to add your PPC account credentials in the Portal. You can do this by simply following the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Admin section of the Portal
  • Select Tracking Settings
  • Select PPC Accounts
  • Select Add PPC Account
  • Choose Bing or AdWords
  • A secure external window will pop up, please enter your credentials

Network data imports daily at approximately 2am UTC, so you will never see data for the current day appearing here; the most recent data will be yesterday's. Therefore when you arrange the network data import for the first time, you can expect the PPC Analysis tab to 'come to life' the following day.

The PPC Analysis tab will pull in legacy network data from the time that you have applied the Infinity PPC tags to your account(s) and pushed this 'live' in AdWords Editor or Bing.

You will need the Tracking Manager permission to make these updates. Please contact the Support Team if you are having trouble accessing this part of your Portal.

If your data is not showing for the previous days, please do ensure that your AdWords and/or Bing account(s) are still enabled in the PPC Accounts screen. If it is and you are still not seeing data, please contact the Support Team with details.

The PPC Analysis report is available to all clients and enriches your Infinity data with your Google and Bing cost, click, and impression data. This allows you to report on Cost per Call, as well as Cost per Goal for each of your keywords and if you then decide to go further using a CRM Integration to send in offline sales, the Cost per Acquisition. Using this tab you can easily see your Return on Advertising Spend which is extremely powerful. None of the networks provide you with this level of data, where you can truly interrogate it down to visitor level and tie it up with your CRM down funnel events.

If you were only using your network to manage your PPC, you would not have the whole picture and could be suffocating your account performance, or worse still, damaging it. Your Paid Search traffic could be generating calls which are leading to your sales so if you decide to reduce a keyword that was not performing well online, that keyword may have been generating your business calls, which in turn lead to offline sales. In PPC Analysis you can see your CPAs including call data for each keyword, ad group and campaign, where previously you’d only have data for your online activity and blind bidding.

By using the PPC Analysis reports provided by Infinity Call Tracking, you are able to see which keywords are performing well by not only generating online leads/sales but also the calls they are generating. The solution doesn’t stop there, you could then go on to import your offline sales so you can see your whole sales funnel within Infinity. This allows you to identify offline sales generated by each keyword.

In order to import your network data into Infinity you will need to ensure your PPC account has been tagged. We have a page for PPC tagging Here

An overview of the whole page:

  • The ability to see the true performance of your marketing and to report on your cost per call
  • Drill down into each Campaign, Ad Group and then all the way down to Keyword level
  • Multiple Attribution models
  • Date picker
  • PPC Segment
  • Ability to change the default columns of Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Non-Converting Goal Count, Converting Goal Count
  • Cogs within the tables as well as in the overview to change metrics
  • Ability to click through to individual visitor traces from the table drill downs. Just click on any of the pink metrics data, which will provide you with various additional graphs or data. By providing this information we allow you to deep dive into the actual visitor trace for each of these goals to analyse the visitor path that lead to the goal.
  • A trend line graph of your Network Data alongside Infinity conversion data over time so you can identify any spikes in traffic and spend
  • When you set up your Goals you have the option to set a goal value if you have one, this will allow you to see even more cost information in the PPC Analysis tab.

How to look at your PPC Analysis data

This video does a deep dive into the data of our PPC Analysis tab to explain what is available within the reports and how to use the data to improve your PPC performance.

PPC Reports

There are 5 different PPC reports for you to delve into to see your PPC summaries.

PPC Metrics by Account
PPC Metrics by Campaign
PPC Metrics by AdGroup
PPC Metrics by Keyword

These reports will give you a summary of PPC metrics by account, Campaign, Adgroup and keyword over month, year and custom date ranges.

You will need these features enabled to use this report:

  • Network Data Import
  • PPC Tagging
  • Reports Tab

PPC Top Converters

This report will give you the Top PPC converters over the total of 7 or 28 days compared against the daily average value since the last change.

You will need these features enabled to use this report:

  • Network Data Import
  • PPC Tagging
  • Reports Tab
  • Converting Goals

The report will also give the trend on the key metrics for each keyword so you can see how your keywords have been performing since their last change.

The green arrow indicates an increase in performance since the last change, red indicates a decrease in performance and grey indicates that the change to the metric is subjective.

Notable features of this report are:

  • Attribution model level data, allowing you to select an attribution model to view the data in PPC Management Report Filters in the Settings feature, allowing you to show paused or deleted keywords and select or un-select each search network
  • PPC Notes view and Notes create access, giving you the ability to add a note at keyword level to the change log and you can also view the change log for each keyword
  • Column Sorting
  • Standard .csv export
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