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Google Ads Integration

This article provides information and a video for how to setup our Google Ads (formerly AdWords) integration. Setting up a Google Ads integration allows you to send call and goal actions from Infinity into your Google Ads account giving you further insight into how your campaigns are performing.

AdWords Integration

Client Checklist

Before you can start the process of setting up the integration within Infinity you will need to ensure the following are correctly set up within your AdWords Account:

  • You have auto-tagging enabled
  • You have set up a new import conversion type for our Infinity calls to go to

Setting up an Import Conversion Type in AdWords

  • You need to create a new conversion type – called "import" – for each kind of offline conversion you'd like to measure, such as "Qualified Call" or a "Call Connected". You can measure as many offline conversion types as you want.
  • Here's how to create a new type of offline conversion:
  • Sign in to your AdWords account at https://adwords.google.co.uk
  • Click the Tools tab, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu
  • Click the + Conversion button
  • For the 'Source' of the conversion, select 'Import'
  • When prompted to select what you want to import, check 'Conversions from Clicks'
  • Enter a name for the conversion type that you're creating. (It's important that you remember the exact name and spelling because you'll need to select this name later, when you are selecting which Conversion type to Import from Infinity)
  • Select an optional conversion value if you wish. The value will apply to any imported conversions that don't already have an assigned conversion value. If you are assigning values to your calls and goals in Infinity (eg. Call ratings or goal values) and want these to apply to this conversion type you are creating you should make the conversion '0' on the appropriate Value type within Adwords.
  • Select the conversion category that best fits your new conversion
  • Click 'Save & Continue'
  • On the next screen, you'll see a link to this Help Centre article, which explains how to prepare your data and import your conversions
  • Click Finished

Setting up your AdWords integration

Please follow the process below to set up your AdWords integration:

  • Log into the Portal
  • Navigate to the Admin section of the Portal
  • Select Add Integration
  • Select Google AdWords
  • Select Authorise Infinity
  • This will bring you to an authentication screen
  • If you are already logged in your accounts will be displayed
  • If you are not logged in you will be presented with a screen to enter your credentials
  • Select Sign In
  • Select your Google AdWords account from the drop down list
  • Select your Google AdWords ‘Import’ Conversion Type, if this is not shown you will need to double check the setup of your ‘Import Conversion’ Type for Infinity Calls within your AdWords account. The tracking status is what is updated, once the integration is configured.
  • Select +Add to ‘send all calls’ (recommended) or select the unique criteria you would like to send in, e.g. all goals with a goal name of “Qualified Call”.
  • Select Save and the integration is complete

Where will you see the data in AdWords

Navigate to:

  • Tools
  • Conversions
  • Conversion actions
  • You are able to see your offline conversions broken down within your AdWords Keyword Report by adding a segment of Conversion > Conversion Name. Once the goal is in place you should start to see the Goal Value being passed through to AdWords within this view. Please let us know if this is not the case.

Why don't Infinity conversions and AdWords conversions match?

Is the gclid (Google Click ID) present in the landing URLs?

  • Please be advised that AdWords only accepts data if there is a gclid. This means that fixed number calls will not be accepted.
  • If your website has redirecting landing pages, these may 'strip' the gclid from the session, thus preventing the call data from reaching AdWords, even though the Infinity tracking templates will register a PPC call in the Infinity reports from our tracking templates (assuming all campaigns are fully tagged!)
  • If the final URLs in your AdWords account include redirects, these may also strip the gclids from the session

Using Infinity Fixed Numbers for PPC ad extensions/call extensions?

As standard for AdWords, we send the last seen Google Click ID (gclid) with each event, and this is processed according to the conversion window configured in AdWords. As such, we will not send any calls to fixed PPC numbers to Adwords.

Matching Date Range?

  • Please consider the date range you are using - does it match between Infinity & AdWords? If not, this may be the cause for differing call volumes.
  • Another point to bear in mind is that the call conversion we send into AdWords will be assigned to the date of that Paid Search land. For example, if the Paid Search land was on the 1st of October; however, the call was the 15th of October. The call conversion will be assigned to the Paid Search land for the 1st of October. Please bear this in mind when you are comparing Infinity data to AdWords data.

If you only want to send last-click PPC sales to AdWords we can add an extra criteria to the integration, filtering by the Paid Search channel.

Please contact our Support Team if your integration problems persist, we are happy to help.

Why can't I see my transaction values within AdWords?

If you are looking to send your call rating options into AdWords that are associated with a transaction, then you will need to make sure that you have the relevant goals configured within Infinity. If you do not have your call rating goals configured, please contact a member of the support team for further assistance.

This is because our AdWords integration will only send goal values, if a goal has not been configured within Infinity a transaction value will be set against call rating option. We have now made adjustments to our goals to convert the Transaction Value into a Goal Value which means that the values will be sent through to AdWords when associated with a goal.

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