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Why do my AdWords conversions not match Infinity "Goals" & other PPC questions?

This article will address some of our most frequently asked PPC questions

Will tagging my PPC ads (destination URLs) affect my history and quality score?

If you are moving to using our macro for the first time then Infinity tagging will temporarily remove your history of your ads, however this is built up again very quickly. The history of your ads, is only a small percentage of your quality score.

The benefits of tagging your account, far outweigh the temporary history change.

If you are using the new Final URL's with Google, your quality score and history will not be affected.

Why can't I see my Search Terms?

In 2014 Google officially announced that they were bringing “not provided” to ads including pay per click (PPC) ads. Search data will be withheld from paid clicks, as witnessed with SEO in 2013, leading to more “secure search for clicks”, in short when people using secure words click on AdWords ads, the user’s search query in the referral string, i.e the actual words that people entered into the search box, are not passed to analytics packages and third-party software. Your data is not affected by this as we use our own tracking tags and so consequently it doesn't affect the ability for Infinity to track to keyword level.

In Summary

Raw Search Terms (This is what the visitor has physically typed into Google) - Raw search terms have been blocked by Google, therefore can no longer be obtained by ourselves or any other 3rd party companies.

Keywords (This is paid for Keyword from their AdWords/Bing account that the RAW Search Term related to) - Due to our sophisticated tagging we capture the Keyword it related to whether it is broad, phrase or exact.

Infinity Visits vs Google Clicks

We do not expect Visits and Clicks to match, the two figures are defined and recorded differently.

Visits is the figure we track at Infinity, showing how many unique visitor sessions were recorded, excluding traffic from Infinity and from our clients if we know their IP addresses.

Click is the figure we import from the PPC network (e.g. Google), showing how many clicks that network count as valid and chargeable, taking into account click fraud, their own activity, etc. This figure has been known to change over time when the networks remove historical clicks as part of their normal procedures.

Google Conversions Vs Goals

We do not expect Goals and Conversions to match, the two figures are defined and recorded differently.

As with Clicks, AdWords Conversions are subject to review, according to rules not published outside of Google.

Infinity Goals can include non-converting actions, depending on the Goal configuration. This can make the Infinity Goals figure much higher than AdWords conversions.

Infinity can mark duplicate Goals as void, e.g. if the Goal is configured to remove duplicate Goals by the same visitor. This can make the Infinity Goals figure lower than AdWords conversions. We only import the 1-per-click variant of Google Conversions, which may reduce the effect of duplicate Conversions.

AdWords Conversions are shown against the date of the last AdWords Click that contributed to the conversion. Infinity Goals are shown against the date on which the Goal took place. With all other things equal, if a visit crosses a day boundary then this can result in different daily figures between AdWords and Infinity.

AdWords conversion tracking may not take into account visits from multiple channels. It won't know about traffic sources other than Google and their partner networks. This can make AdWords Conversions biased towards its own referrals, whereas Infinity will take into account the entire visitor path.

AdWords conversion tracking uses third party cookies, Infinity uses both first and third party cookies. This can have a further effect on attribution for visitors that block third party cookies.

How do I assign Goal Values?

You have the option to add values to your Goals to enhance your reporting capabilities. We would suggest you do this to further enrich your PPC analysis data. You can only assign one set of Goal Value rules per Infinity Goal.

You can add a goal value in 2 different ways:

  • Calculated Value - This would be a calculation of any values that you are sending into Infinity in the Transaction value field. You can send transaction values for goals by using either of the below:

    1. Post Call Rating - Your operators are able to enter the sales value of the call if you have enabled this feature when setting up your call rating options. You can hear more on this by watching our How to Set up Post Call Rating Video.

    2. Custom Triggers - By populating the transaction value and currency fields of an Advanced custom trigger per sale, you would use this for e-commerce pages on your site or for sending CRM events back with transaction values. You can read more on how to use custom triggers here.

    For Example:

Goal value is equal to 100% of the transaction value - This would mean the goal value would be the same as the transaction value that was sent in with the trigger

  • Fixed Value - If you have completed analysis around the Sales funnel and identified the CPA for each funnel stage you are able to add these values to the goals you have set.

For Example:

Goal value is 100 and currency is USD - This would mean that each goal is worth $100.

Please contact the Support Team with the goal you want to add value to and the value itself.

You can see where these goal values come into play within the PPC Analysis tab which you can read an in depth article about by browsing to the Portal section of the Knowledge Base.

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