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Infinity Tracking Code Setup Guide

This Setup Guide explains what our code does and how to install it.

The Infinity tracking service is powered on the client side by JavaScript. This JavaScript is a lightweight asynchronous code base and won't affect loading or any other script on your page.

The implementation really is a very simple process, in fact some clients find they don’t even require the services of a developer to implement the code – if you are familiar with inserting code using a Tag Management Solution and being able to update a telephone number class, it really is straightforward. Alternatively you may wish to ask a developer or someone with HTML experience for support implementing the code.

We have 2 different versions of our code, Auto Discovery and Classic. Installations set up before June 2015 will use the Classic version of our code. You can switch to Auto Discovery code at any time, please contact Support if you have any questions. You can read more about the Infinity JavaScript here

Installing the Infinity JavaScript

To get started with Infinity Tracking, log in to the Portal using the logins we have provided in your welcome email.

  • Navigate to the Admin section
  • Select Tracking Settings
  • Select JavaScript Config to follow the step by step guide

This video will take you through how to set up your JavaScript and get your Call Tracking up and running.

  1. Select Integrations
  2. Insert Code into your site
  3. Enter Auto Discovery Number
  4. Update phone number in your HTML with our class
  5. Making a test call

If you prefer to deploy the code snippet using Google Tag Manager, instructions can be found here.

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