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Destination Numbers

A destination number is the main number that you would like us to route calls through to. You can update your destination numbers at any point within the Infinity Portal (permissions may apply).

Default Destination Number

All of your tracking pools will have a default destination number set, this is where all numbers in the tracking pool should point to ensure quick and effective update of your tracking numbers if needed. All destinations must be in E164 international format.

Update your Default destination number

You are able to update the default destination number of any tracking pool by simply following the below steps. This will update the destination of all dynamic number and all fixed numbers within this pool that point to'default':

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Select Telephony Settings (formerly named Phone System Manager)
  3. Select Dial-In Groups Editor
  4. Search or scroll for your relevant tracking pool if you have multiple
  5. Select Edit Config
  6. Scroll down to the Default Destination field
  7. Update your number (Please ensure there is no spacing and the number is in E164 international format. eg. +44 for UK & +1 for US)
  8. Select Save Changes

Please place a test call to an Infinity number to ensure everything is connecting correctly.

Infinity Tip!..We recommend using a geographical number rather than a freephone number as your destination number, this will help keep your call charges down from other providers. Generally all freephone numbers will have an underlying geographical number beneath them, therefore it is worth finding this out.

Fixed Number Management

If you need to view, edit or delete any of your fixed numbers, please follow the guide below.

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Select Telephony Settings - formerly named Phone System Manager
  3. Select Dial-In Groups Editor
  4. Locate the tracking pool required
  5. Select View Fixed Numbers
  6. Search for your number
  7. If you wish to edit or delect your numbers you can either;
  • Select edit if you wish to update the channel, description or destination number of that number. Please ensure you select save.

  • Select delete if you wish to remove the number permanently. Please bear in mind that the number will no longer connect.

If you have updated the destination number of that number, we recommend placing a test call to ensure this connects. This can take around 2 minutes to sync once the changes have been made.

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