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How do I show numbers that are specific to my visitors location?

This article will explain how we can help you to achieve GEO IP based presentation of tracking numbers.

Implementing GEO IP based Tracking Pools

Some of our customers like to have a 'local' presence for the countries they are targeting with their marketing efforts. Although Infinity cannot directly show specific numbers based on the geographic location of your visitors, we can help you to achieve this. This is especially helpful if you have one site with multinational campaigns and want to engage your customers through phone numbers.

We can start by providing you with as many Tracking Pools as needed containing per country phone numbers for the countries you are targeting. Each Tracking Pool can then be assigned with a different Auto Discovery Number, which we use to find the number(s) to replace in your page when our tracking code runs.

In order to alter which Tracking Pool is used based on the country of the visitors IP you would need to ensure your site is doing the GeoIP lookup based on the visitor IP address and then altering the auto discovery number that is sent to the user's browser.

In this way, our tracking script will then see the auto discovery number for the correct country, and then replace it with tracking numbers from the relevant Tracking Pool for that country.

You can use whatever mechanism you see fit to detect the visitor's country, however some of our clients have previously used the MaxMind GeoIP database, which is a database file you need to sync onto your web server so that it is available to your web site to perform geo IP lookups using the visitor's IP address.

Please do contact the Support Team if you need more information.

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How do I show numbers that are specific to my visitors location?

  1. Implementing GEO IP based Tracking Pools

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