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Using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager to install the Infinity Tracking JavaScript

This article provides information on installing the Infinity Tracking code using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager (Adobe DTM)

Adding the Infinity JavaScript to Adobe DTM

If you're using Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (sometimes referred to as Adobe DTM) to manage your website and want to install the Infinity JavaScript, follow these steps:

Simply open Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, and find the website (Property) you want to install the JavaScript on

Click Add a Tag, then go to Rules

From the left menu, select Page Load Rules

Create new Rule or Edit an existing one


Ensure on the Conditions tab, the trigger of the rule is set to Top of Page


Now expand the JavaScript/Third Party Tags tab

Click Add New Script



For the next part of the process, you need to switch over to the Infinity Portal.

On the Infinity Portal, click Admin > Tracking Settings > JavaScript.

In Step One, select the integrations you wish to use with Infinity Call Tracking, the relevant script content will be generated in the box in Step 2.

Then move to Step 2, click “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the code generated with the additional integrations code you selected in Step 1

Igrp details.JPG-

Back in Adobe DTM, give the tag a name

Select Sequential HTML from the drop down

Paste the code in the black custom code box, then click Save Code


Save your rule, and you are ready to test it in a staging environment, request rule approval, and publish to the production site.

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Using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager to install the Infinity Tracking JavaScript

  1. Adding the Infinity JavaScript to Adobe DTM

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