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PBX Voicemail

This article will tell you about all things Voicemail relating to our PBX service.

Creating your Personal Voicemail Message

If you are using our PBX Product you may wish to personalise the Infinity Voicemail for your account, simply follow the below steps:

  • Dial 7000 from your phone
  • You will be greeted by instructions to “Record your greeting at the tone, press any key or stop talking to end the recording”
  • Press any key to stop the recording
  • Press 1 to review the message
  • Press 1 to re-record
  • Press 2 to exit which will save your recording
  • Put your phone on DND and dial from your mobile/cell phone to test
  • It may take around 1 minute to sync

Callers will hear this message if they have come through to your DDI and progressed through to Voicemail.

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