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Disable Land Detection

This article explains what the disable land solution is and why you may want to use it. We have also provided a guide for how to utilise this solution.

Disabled Land

This Infinity JavaScript feature is useful if you have visitors switching between secure and unsecure domains during their visit.

If during your customers visitor journey you direct them to a secure (HTTPS) payment funnel on an external domain and then back to your own website, you will probably see the return page view as a Direct land, this is because there is no source or referrer provided due to the referring domain being secure.

To overcome this, you can include another line of code in your JavaScript, on the page your visitors come back to after the funnel, to disable land detection so that your visitor is tracked correctly.

For Example

You send the customer to a secure payment funnel on another domain like PayPal and then direct them back to your website.


It is essential for this line of JS to be placed before the line:


Here are the basic information for Installing Infinity Tracking

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Disable Land Detection

  1. Disabled Land

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