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Call Alerts

This article explains what Call Alerts are for and how to set them up within your Portal. This is a really useful tool for many reasons, and is commonly used for monitoring missed calls through the alerting emails.

What are Call Alerts?

This handy feature will send your teams email alerts, based upon parameters of your choice being triggered, in real-time.

For example, if you miss a call and set up an alert for this, our solution will email you with the caller's telephone number, time and date of call and the pages they visited on your site immediately after the missed call taking place, so that you can call them back whilst their interest is still hot. If the caller rang from your website, a link to their browsing activity in the Portal will be included in the alert, which allows you to have more insight into what their call may be regarding too.

Additionally, if you have the Infinity phone system with voicemail, if there is a voicemail we are able to send you this as an attachment.

The video below shows how you can set up your own Call Alert. You can modify or disable your Call Alerts at any time too, and there is no limitation on quantity of alerts.

How to setup Call Alerts

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Select Telephony Settings
  3. Select Call Alerts
  4. Select Add Call Alert
  5. Enter a Name which will help you distinguish which one this is for if you have multiple alerts
  6. Enter the email addresses into the Recipient Emails field for where you would like the email alerts to go to. If you would like it to go to multiple email addresses, separate with a comma (no spaces)
  7. If we host your voicemail for you, we are able to attach the call recording, therefore if we do and you would like this to be attached to the email, please select Attach Recording
  8. For a simple integration, select Save or alternatively for a more bespoke integration, adjust the specifics for the types of calls that you would like to receive missed call email alerts for, then select Save
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