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This article covers some frequently asked questions regarding our call tracking solution working in conjunction with voicemails

Infinity Voicemail

Our voicemail works harmoniously with any other features that we host for you. Third party voicemails can conflict with these features, therefore we recommend us hosting your voicemail so that you can make the most of our features we have on offer.

In addition, our hosted voicemail supplements the Missed Call Email Alert feature by allowing a copy of the message which was recorded to be emailed to specific recipient(s) via the feature, alongside all of the other caller detail.

We can add a voicemail to your account as part of an Infinity IVR & Dial-Plan.

Please contact our Support Team if you are interested in acquiring our hosted voicemail or require further information.

Third Party Voicemails & Infinity Call Features

Third party voicemails ( a voicemail not hosted by us) will conflict with some of our call features that we provide.

These features are:

  • Call Rating
  • Call Confirmation
  • Marketing Channel Announce
  • Call Reference (Announce)
  • Custom Greeting

Your voicemail will answer and start the bridge duration of a call, our system can not determine the difference between a human operator or your voicemail when bridging your calls as once passed to your system. We do not know the technical difference unless hosted by ourselves.

If you were to have both a third party voicemail and one of the above enabled at the same time, you would hear the feature recorded on your voicemail.

If you are interested in us hosting your voicemail for you, please contact our Support Team.

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