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Agency Portal Co-Branding

This article explains how our agency partners can co-brand their Portal with their logo and company color.

Co-Branding Information

If you would like us to co-brand your portal with your logo and corporate colours, please see below the information required:

Logo and Colours:

  • A logo, of size 240px × 96px or smaller, preferably on a white background

  • The company’s primary colour in Hex format. If no Hex codes are available, then either the RGB code of the colours or their website address so we can colour pick.

  • The domain used when creating the CNAME record (see below)

Branding the Login page (optional):

You have the option to also brand your Infinity login page URL, you may want to do this to make your URL more memorable for members of your business and to keep the branding consistent between the login page and your agency Portal. This option will nicely tie in with your Portal branding but as mentioned it is completely optional and your portal branding will still work without it, your login page will just be Infinity branded.

Using agency.co.uk as an example you can see here how to use domain records to brand the login page.

This will be called the CNAME record:

infinity.agency.co.uk to portal.infinitycloud.com

This way when a user visits


they will end up at


and the login page will be branded with the agency logo and colours.

If you are unable to create a CNAME record for your domain, you can still visit the direct portal link with your domain as a parameter (https://portal.infinitycloud.com/?o=agency.co.uk ) to take advantage of the log in page branding.

Should you have any queries or would like clarification on any points discussed, please contact our Support Team.

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Agency Portal Co-Branding

  1. Co-Branding Information

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