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Why should I choose Infinity Call Tracking?

This article explains why you should choose Infinity Call Tracking .

Why choose Infinity?

Infinity is the most advanced call tracking service in the UK, with a particular focus on managing paid search. Unlike other providers we don’t just give you a list of keywords; we put the data into context so that you can actually use it to manage your campaigns better.

The data is aggregated into networks, campaigns, ad groups and of course keywords, but we don’t stop there! Infinity also records the match type, the ad copy and even the raw search terms, which is especially helpful with broad and phrase match. Further still, using the networks API’s, we integrate impressions, clicks and most importantly cost data.

The portal gives you the complete picture on your paid search campaign, including spend, sales and calls all in one report.

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Why should I choose Infinity Call Tracking?

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