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Why can't I just use Google's Website Call Conversions?

This article explains the benefits and differences between ourselves and Google's Website Call Conversions.

Infinity vs Google Website Call Conversions

Channels Tracked

  • Google Call Conversions only track calls from Google PPC.

  • Infinity tracks how visitors interact with all your channels and advertising networks, along with which calls are generated off the back off each marketing channel.

Number Flexibility

  • Google don’t have flexibility of number types, using either a freephone number or a local number if available or equivalent to a local number, will be displayed on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Google do not allow you to choose specific number types.

  • Infinity gives you the ability to use any/ multiple number type/s that you like, to ensure that number types recognised as being trusted number types can be used on your website.

Call conversions

  • Google Website Call Conversions identifies all calls as leads.

  • Infinity has the ability to define the value of a call through a call duration threshold, or by operators rating the call as a lead/ non lead at the end of the call. Not all calls that are made are leads, and it’s important to understand this to be able to manage your PPC campaign to spend money on the keywords that result in leads, not just calls.


  • Google AdWords Website Call Conversions may not show the correct phone number if a user visits more than one of your websites and you use one Google AdWords account to run campaigns for multiple websites with different phone numbers. The only way to fix this currently is to separate each website into a unique AdWords account.

  • Google only allocates phone numbers in situations where the revenue being generated by the AdWords campaign is sufficiently high. If the campaign isn’t generating sufficient income, then these numbers are removed and replaced with your standard number.

  • Infinity allocate phone numbers which are displayed in all situations irrespective of spend.

Number allocation

  • Google may recycle the telephone number, used to track your PPC keyword, to another company if it wasn’t called for a period of 30 days.
  • Infinity allocate phone numbers to clients for the whole duration of the client relationship, guaranteeing that the call will route to the correct client no matter when it is called.

Infinity Analytics

Infinity deliver call tracking in conjunction with our own analytics and goals engine, allowing us to deliver tracking of user interaction and the resulting calls. This not only gives us the ability to track the goals that the user delivers, but also allows us to attribute the correct conversion value to various touch points within that user journey. Without this, many channels will be perceived as delivering more conversion value than they should.

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Why can't I just use Google's Website Call Conversions?

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