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Why are there calls or goals associated with the Unknown channel?

Here we explain what the Unknown channel is, reasons why calls and goals might be attributed to it, and how the Infinity fall back number may play a part in this.

The Unknown Channel

When we are unable to identify the source of a call or goal, the marketing channel will default to Unknown. You should not see any visits assigned to this channel, but you may see calls and goals.

Reasons for Calls & Goals being associated with the Unknown channel

  • Visitors having cookies disabled when browsing
  • Visitors having JavaScript/HTML disabled
  • A tracking issue on your website, e.g. some pages missing the Infinity code or redirecting pages interrupting the visitor journey
  • Mobile users trying to 'click to call' on their browser, when the necessary tracking code to support this feature hasn't been implemented
  • Customers calling the fall back number (more information below), because it has been put on display somewhere (e.g. in a Print ad), please speak to the relevant campaign owner to get this changed as Infinity will not be able to correct this
  • Your fall back number (more information below) has been incorrectly placed in Organic Search for customers to call, please speak to your SEO consultant/agency as Infinity will not be able to correct this

Please do contact the Support Team if you see an increase in Unknown call or goal volumes, they will be happy to help you troubleshoot this.

Fall back number

The only fixed number which can be assigned to the Unknown channel is an Infinity fall back number, and each tracking pool may only have one.

Some clients may opt to have an Infinity fall back number assigned, because any calls going directly to the destination number are not tracked by Infinity. Embedding a fall back number into the number class will ensure that every website call comes through Infinity reports for a consistent caller experience. Any calls to the fall back number will be tracked and have the chosen features applied, as it is hosted by Infinity, but the marketing source will state ‘Unknown’ due to lack of cookie data.

The fall back number is designed purely for embedding in the Infinity number class. It should not be given out to any of your customers, or your statistics for the 'Unknown' channel will be affected. Fall back numbers can be created against your account by a member of the Infinity Support Team or Project Team upon request.

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Why are there calls or goals associated with the Unknown channel?

  1. The Unknown Channel

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