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Why Are Callers Hearing More Rings Than Our Operators?

This article explains what Post Dial Delay (PDD) is, and why it may increase the ring time experience for callers.

Post Dial Delay (PDD)

Post Dial Delay, or PDD for short, is the time between the caller dialling the number and the moment the phone starts ringing within your office/call centre for your operators/call agents. This is the time that it takes for the call to be routed to your destination phone system through one or more phone carrier networks.

The delay can vary based on the caller’s carrier, the type of Infinity number being rung and the type of destination number being routed to.

The PDD may also be increased if the destination number you are forwarding to is provided by another call forwarding service, which in turn routes the call onto your actual phone system number. For example, if you are forwarding calls to a toll-free number provider, who in turn forwards the call to your local number.

In situations like this, we recommend updating your Infinity settings to forward calls to your ‘true’ local destination number, because the fewer ‘hops’ involved lowers both PDD and call audio delay.

Because of the nature of call tracking, calls will be routed through an additional phone number (the tracking number) compared to without call tracking, which therefore increases the probability of PDD.

However, our clients have found that the benefits of having call tracking in place significantly outweighs the minor delay.

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Why Are Callers Hearing More Rings Than Our Operators?

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