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What is Infinity Tracking?

An overview of Infinity Tracking

Infinity Tracking Overview

The Infinity Tracking system delivers visitor and keyword level call tracking by using a unique Infinity identifier to associate all the various touch points into one easy to view visitor journey. This visitor journey includes the keyword that generated any PPC clicks to the client’s website, the browsing of the visitor, any goals the visitor may have triggered (form fills, brochure downloads etc.) and of course any phone calls made.

This then enables Marketing Managers to gather data and visibility of how calls relate to each marketing sources and helps provide ROI. PPC Managers can understand ROI down to a campaign, ad group and keyword level view. This gives the PPC Manager actionable data and therefore can bid more aggressively on the keywords that work and reduce bids on the keywords that don’t.

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What is Infinity Tracking?

  1. Infinity Tracking Overview
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