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What are Nuisance Callers?

This article explains what nuisance callers are and how you can help reduce these using our Infinity features.

Nuisance Callers

Nuisance callers are calls that are of no relevance to your business, these calls may inflate your top line stats and skew your marketing metrics. Robo-Diallers (also referred to as auto-dialler) are the main cause of Nuisance Calls . To read a little more on this subject and what we have done to try and reduce the impact on our customers, have a look at our Robo Diallers article.

Other types of Nuisance Calls might be:

  • Compensation (e.g. PPI reclaim) calls
  • Recruitment agency calls
  • Persistent sales calls

To read more about the multiple features we have available to deal with these nuisance calls, please see our Nuisance Call Blocking article.

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What are Nuisance Callers?

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