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Welcome Message

This article explains what a Welcome Message is and the setup process involved. This feature might also be called an Auto Attendant.

What is a Welcome Message?

A Welcome Message is a customised message that is played to the caller before the call connects.

An example of this message might be:

"Welcome to Infinity, calls are recorded for quality and training purposes."

A welcome message can be applied at a tracking pool level. The same welcome message can be applied to multiple tracking pools within an installation, or you can have different welcome messages applied to different tracking pools. For example, your Sales Number tracking pool could have one welcome message, and your Customer Service tracking pool could have a different one.

How to acquire a Welcome Message

In order for us to build a welcome message, we will require a sound file. Please see the related article on Voice Recordings for more information about your sound file options.

To get the process started, you will need to contact Support Team requesting the welcome message and stating which tracking pool(s) you would like it to be applied to. A sound file is required before the build can commence.

As we will custom build a welcome message for you, there may be a small charge associated, depending upon the package you are subscribed to.

There may also be a short development time to consider, which is entirely dependent on other pre-booked projects in the development queue.

Please contact Support Team for more information around pricing and turnaround time.

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