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Tagging Paid Search

Easy guide for how to tag your accounts with our Infinity tags.

Tagging PPC Accounts

What is Infinity Paid Search Tagging?

When we mention Paid Search tagging, we are referring to our tracking template that you apply to your individual Paid Search campaigns.

Our tagging provides an in depth breakdown of your Paid Search activity and clearly shows how each of your keywords are performing.

Why should I tag my Paid Search accounts?

We strongly suggest you apply Infinity tagging to your AdWords & Bing destination URL's so we can display the breakdown of Campaign information by Campaign Name, AdGroup, Keyword & Match Type . Tagging your PPC is also a must-have for our PPC Analysis Feature.

If you are using DoubleClick Search (DS3) you will not need to use our tagging tool, have a read of our DoubleClick article for more information.


For AdWords we have a checking tool that you can run for any un-tagged accounts which will check your account and send you an email with what you need to action. Here is a page that will provide you with more information and walk you through the process Tagging AdWords.


If you advertise on Bing, you will need to run our easy-to-use excel macro tool. Here is our Tagging Bing article which will take you through a step by step.

If you are using our Professional or Enterprise Edition, you will need to import your network data. To find out more please have a look at our PPC Analysis article here.


Although Yahoo! is not supported by Infinity in the same way as Google or Bing, you can still use the UTM tags to identify lands as Paid Search - the Paid search channels will pick up a utm_medium of cpc in your URLs by default. Under the Paid Search channel in the Portal, you can report on which Yahoo! campaigns are driving your visits and calls. Yahoo! have not made their API available to third parties which means you won't be able to import clicks, cost and impression data into Infinity for the full view into which keywords are driving calls.

Will changing campaign names affect historical data?

If you change the name of your campaigns within Bing/AdWords this will only affect historical data under the PPC Analysis tab, this will update after the next scheduled import. Once updated it will match what you see in your Bing or AdWords reports.

Historical data within other tabs in the Portal will not be updated however. They use the campaign name, keyword, etc as seen at the time of landing.

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Tagging Paid Search

  1. Tagging PPC Accounts

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