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Post Call Operator Reference

Post Call Operator Reference is a tracking pool feature that allows operators to input a unique 4 digit code after a call. This is so when reviewing calls, you can know who answered the calls without needing to listen to the recording.

How Post Call Operator Reference Works

After the caller hangs up, the operator stays on the call and a Call Whisper plays. The Whisper asks for the 4 digit code unique to the operator. If you use Call Ratings as well, the Call Rating Whisper plays after. This code is then shown in the Call Log as the Operator Reference.

The Operator Reference codes are determined and controlled by you, there is no place in the Portal to store these numbers. In the Call Log only the Operator Reference code is shown, not the operator’s name.

This feature is controlled per tracking pool, so it must be turned on for each tracking pool you want to use it on.

How to Set Up Post Call Operator Reference

  • Login to the Portal

  • Go to Admin

  • Go to Telephony Settings

  • Go to Dial in Groups Editor

  • Find the Tracking pool(s) you want to use this for and click “Edit Config”

  • In the Call Reference Options section - Check the box for Enable Post Call Operator Reference Entry

operator call ref.png

  • Click Save
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