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How do I contact Infinity?

This article will give you all of the contact information for Infinity as well as details of our Service Level Agreement and Platform status links.


Sales Team

If you are interested in finding out more about our packages and what Infinity have to offer, please contact our Sales Team on 0808 250 2000.

Support Team

If you would like to open a support case then please send an email to Support Team, we will open a case for you and assign a normal priority. We aim to respond to all normal priority cases within two working days. For urgent support where your service is being affected please log a case with our 24/7 Emergency Support Service on any of the numbers below.

Support Team

UK Numbers

Free Phone 0808 2502 999 Local Rate and Mobile friendly 0333 1222 999

US Numbers

Toll Free Number 855-707-2911 Toll Number 646-844-9911

Accounts Team

For all billing quires, please email billing@infinitycloud.com

Service Level Agreement

Priorities Definitions

Normal Priority is assigned to Customers who experience minor impacts on functionality and production is not affected and/or an acceptable "workaround" is available which allows connections to continue. Infinity Tracking shall use reasonable efforts to correct reported service defects within 5 (five) Business Days of the date reported.

High Priority is assigned to issues in which Customers have experienced a partial failure of an important service feature, but can operate the system at a reduced level of efficiency or performance. This includes operations that are functional but require intervention or workaround. Infinity Tracking shall use reasonable efforts to correct reported service defects within 2 (two) Business Days of date and time reported. For the avoidance of doubt, the failure of individual numbers shall fall within this Priority 2 category unless more than 10 (ten) numbers have failed at once, in which case such failure shall be considered a High Priority failure.

Critical Priority is assigned to issues in which the entirety of the Service(s) is unusable and has stopped operations. No reasonable circumvention or fix is available to the Customer. Infinity Tracking will focus all reasonably required resources to correct reported service defects in the Services(s) as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Out of Hours Emergency Support

Our office opening hours are 9am London time until 5pm New York time.

Outside of normal working hours we operate an emergency out of hours support service, for all Critical Priority issues as per our SLA.

If you are experiencing a critical issue out of hours please call our normal support number, where this will be routed to our call answering service and an on call engineer will be in touch to help you. If your call is not a Critical Priority issue, our on-call engineers will not respond and we will come back to you on the next working day .

Please note: Improper use of this facility may result in additional charges

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