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Infinity Service Status

This article details where to find more information about the Infinity service status, including any service announcements for maintenance or unexpected downtime.

Infinity Service Status

To keep up to date with the latest updates regarding the Infinity platform status, please visit infinitystatus.com. This page details the status and up time of the various individual components of the Infinity platform, as well as any incidents that have arisen and when they were resolved.

Email Notifications

To be notified by email when a new incident is raised or resolved, head over to infinitystatus.com. In the top right hand corner, click Subscribe To Updates. You'll then need to enter your email address, and hit Subscribe Via Email.


After subscribing, you'll receive an email confirming your subscription, with the option to manage your subscription preferences. Alternatively, you can simply continue to the next page, and select which components you want to receive notifications for.


Finally, select Update Preferences. To unsubscribe or manage your preferences when receiving notifications, just click the subscription management page link within an email.

SMS Notifications

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to receive notifications by SMS rather than email, click the Subscribe To Updates option in the top right of infinitystatus.com. Then, select the phone icon in the sub-menu.


Select your country code, enter your preferred phone number, and select Subscribe Via SMS. Shortly after you've completed this, you'll receive a confirmation SMS.

You may also proceed to the next page to configure which components you'd like to receive SMS notifications for in the same method as email notifications detailed above.

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