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Infinity Service Costs

This article provides an explanation for the costs on our invoices.

Viewing your Invoices in the Portal

You can view and download your invoices easily through the Portal using our Billing section under Admin. To access this section you must be an Administrator on your account. You will have a collated view, sorted by month, of all of your invoices to date. Clicking the download button will give you a PDF version.

To access your Invoices through the Portal:

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Billing
  3. Invoices

If you have any question concerning your invoices, please contact the Support Team.

Edition Licence

The Edition Licence is your monthly subscription for the package type that you have subscribed to.

Cost Per Call

Cost per Call means the service fee for any call that lasts for one (1) second or more. Some packages will include 250 inclusive calls.

Minute Charges

Minute Charges are the charges passed on from our carrier, this is calculated per second and is rounded to the nearest penny for each call.

These charges are set out the Infinity Tracking call tariff located on our Call Tariff Sheet, unless specifically stated as different on your order form.

Fair Usage Policy

Fixed numbers are free to set up, but please be mindful of Fair Usage:

Fixed and Offline Tracking Numbers are provided on the basis that you must receive at least 10 calls per calendar month per Call Tracking Number (the "Fair Usage Policy").

The Fair Usage Policy requires that a minimum of 10 calls are received inbound per fixed number per calendar month. Fair Usage units will apply to any calls not received. Fair Usage units are charged at 10p on our latest GBP billed packages and 15c on our latest USD billed packages. Please note that if you are on a unique or legacy package, your Fair Usage charge may be different. Fair Usage charges are exempt from any discounts.

  • Example 1: Your fixed number does not receive any calls within the given calendar month. Your Fair Usage charge is therefore £1/$1.50 (10 x 10p/15c) for that number for that month.
  • Example 2: Your fixed number received 6 calls within the given calendar month. Your Fair Usage charge would be 40p/60c for the 4 calls which were not received.

This is also defined in article 3.8 of our Terms and Conditions


Please note, Fair usage is only relevant for our previous packages which include Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

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