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How do I know which version of Google Analytics I am using?

This article details how to check if you are using GA or GUA and how to upgrade.


Google Analytics (GA) support has been discontinued by Google and at the end of 2016 Infinity will be removing this integration. GA has been replaced by Google Universal Analytics (GUA) which offers much greater data display and a more organised Analytics.

Any installations running the old GA will need to be updated to GUA before the end of 2016 to allow continued Analytics data collection, many accounts were automatically updated however it is still worth checking which Analytics you are using.

How do I know which version of Analytics I am running?

Firstly you will need to visit your website, once there 'Right-click' anywhere on the screen.


This will bring up the above menu, select 'Inspect' to bring up a panel in the bottom of the screen.

This panel allows you to do/check a variety of different things but for this you will need to go to the 'Network' tab (highlighted) and make sure that the 'JS' option is selected.

network jsv2.png

Refresh the web page and it will show all the JavaScript that the page is loading.

Once the page has finished loading take a look in the bottom section at the JavaScript that has been loaded, you are looking for either 'ga.js' or 'analytics.js' this will let you know which version of Analytics you are using.

ga.js= Google Analytics.

analytics.js= Google Universal Analytics.

If you are using the old GA JavaScript then you will need to upgrade your GA account to the new GUA account.

Updating the JavaScript

To update the JavaScript on your site you will need to alter the Infinity JS which we provide. Head over to the 'Admin' side of your Portal and select 'Tracking Settings'- 'JavaScript'. Here you will find the JavaScript we provide your site to track visitors and allow dynamic numbers. The GUA code is selected by default and adds a line of code to the JavaScript which looks like:


This code will allow the analytics.js code and will work correctly with GUA. (You may already be using this code but have it set to 'gua':false,'ga':true which forces the old GA code, altering it to the above code will correct this.)

GUA Integration

Once you have upgraded your account and got the new GUA JavaScript on your site the last step is the integration.

Now you are using GUA over GA you will need to disable your old Google analytics integration and set up a new Google Universal Analytics integration.

For help setting up a new integration, please see the article below:

Google Analytics Integration

Once this has been set up you have successfully converted from Google Analytics to Google Universal Analytics.

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How do I know which version of Google Analytics I am using?

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