• Hosted PBX Requirements
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Hosted PBX Requirements

This article covers the main requirements you will need in order to setup our hosted PBX service.

Internet Requirements

Call Quality

In order for you to ensure you have a good call quality, you will need to have a QOS (quality of service) enabled internet connection. This means that a certain percentage of your bandwidth should be reserved for high priority data packets so that call quality isn't affected.

To improve your QOS, we recommend dropping video or data packets and reserving usage for call packets instead.

Internet Speed

The internet connection speed must be 50kbps or more per user, upstream and downstream.

Handset Requirements

Our system can work with any handset that supports SIP over the TCP protocol using two Codecs, G722 or G711.


If you use softphones then our PBX phone system will function along side of your current softphone setup.

Hard Phones

If you use hard phones, these do need to be internet based and we do recommend a particular device being the Yealink T4x series; the Yealink T4x Range of handsets are able to send DND State Codes back to the Hosted PBX server, which will improve the reporting in the Infinity Portal.

Please contact our Support Team if you would like to discuss the handset options in more detail.

IT Assistance

It's important that you have someone on-site who is comfortable in assisting with the configuration of the handsets.

Infinity do not provide on-site assistance, however we have written our PBX Handset Configuration Guide to point you in the right direction, and you are welcome to ask questions to our Support Team.

IVR / Dial Plan Requirements

It is important we can start work as quickly as possible on your Dial Plan or IVR requirements, therefore the sooner we can scope this out the better.

Please have a look at our IVR and Dial Plan page for more information about what we can provide.

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