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Call Out URL

This article explains the concept around our Call Out URL integration

Call Out URL Integration

Our Call Out URL Integration, provides the ability to send Infinity Triggers into an external web service using webhooks as soon as a particular trigger occurs.

This can provide the flexibility to integrate with third party systems without Infinity having an explicitly supported integration.

In order to use the Call Out URL integration you will need to build or have access to a public web service that can accept HTTP GET URL parameters as a means of data transfer.

You will need a developer to help carry out this work. Infinity cannot provide support around how each integration may or may not work.

Please note there is a 10 second timeout on each trigger sent using our web hook integration.

If the destination URL you’re sending to doesn't respond with a 200 OK response within that time it will fail repeatedly.

Configuring the Call Out URL Integration

  • Navigate to the Admin section of the Portal

  • Select Integrations

  • Select Add New Integration

  • Select Call Out URL Integration

  • The integration screen will be populated

  • Name is optional to update, however it could be worth adding the name of the third party platform you are sending data too

  • Enter the URL which will be known by the developer after reading the API docs. Infinity cannot advise of what this would be

  • What do you want to send? You can send all calls or select specific criteria to send

  • Using the Param Mappings, you can define which Infinity Trigger field values are sent as which HTTP GET parameters to your Call Out URL

  • You will then be able to see a preview of the URL that is being called back to your third party system

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