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Call Confirmation

This article explains what call confirmation is and why it might be useful, along with how to enable the feature within the Portal.

Call Confirmation Feature

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Select Telephony Settings
  3. Select Dial-In Groups Editor
  4. Search or scroll for your relevant tracking pool if you have multiple
  5. Select Edit Config
  6. Select Enable Call Call Announce Confirmation
  7. Select Save Changes

Please do not enable this feature if you have a third party IVR, voicemail or other feature where the caller has to press buttons. These third party features will stop calls getting through to your operators.

Benefits of Call Confirmation

This feature is fantastic if you use call duration-based goals and have a 3rd Party welcome message and/or queue. Ordinarily when a caller reaches a welcome message or queue which we don't host, the timer starts on the connectivity of the call in relation to the duration-based call goals, thus potentially skewing the stats by insinuating that callers were connected to an operator longer than they may have actually been.

By using this feature, the timer on the connectivity of the call in relation to time-based call goals (e.g. the Qualified Call goal) only starts from when the caller has made it through the queue/welcome message and the operator presses '1' on their phone handset to accept the call.

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