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Bing Integration

Guidelines on how to set up the Bing integration

What is a Bing Integration

Infinity’s integration with Bing Ads and their released ‘Offline Conversion Import’ feature allows us to pass Infinity calls, call ratings or CRM events from Bing ads into Bing as conversions. Adding offline conversions from phone calls into Bing Ads provides a more comprehensive view on how ads, keywords, bids and targeting are performing.

Setting up the Bing Integration

Within the Bing Ads interface, you will need to create an offline Conversion Goal for calls.

  • Select new goal and name the goal appropriately and set it as an Offline Conversion, once done click next. On the set up screen select a revenue setting, we recommend value may vary with a value of 0 if no value assigned, and with a count of all.

Bing Image 1.png

You can change the Conversion Window, however we recommend leaving it on the default 30 days. Once this has been completed click Save.

  • From the Infinity Portal, navigate to Admin, Integrations and select Bing Ads from the dropdown. This is an inclusive integration, no additional charges apply.

  • The integration is called Bing Ads by default, but this can be renamed to something more meaningful if required by editing the name field.

  • Click the Authorise Infinity button and log into your account. This will grant access to Infinity to upload conversions to you Bing Ads account.

Bing Image 2.png

  • Using the dropdowns, select the chosen Bing Ads Account and Conversion Type. The Conversion type should be the one you created in Bing Ads in step one. The dropdown will only display a list of Offline Conversion goals and will only populate once the account has been authorised.

  • As an optional step, select an option from the value field to pass a value into Bing. This can be the transaction value, goal value or no value. These values need to be captured using Call Ratings or CRM events. For the values to be passed successfully into Bing the “Revenue value” setting in Bing Ads needs to be set to “Conversion action value may vary”.

  • We will pass all calls into Bing Ads by default, but this can be changed as required using the options in ‘What do you want to send’. You may choose to only send calls that meet a goal, for example.

Once the integration has been created conversion events should be visible within Bing Ads shortly afterwards, but this could take up to 5 hours.

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